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Sponsored By:   Century 21

Massachusetts State Championship Hosted by

Central MA Youth Football & Cheerleading Conference

2017 State Cheerleading Competition 

SUNDAY November 5th, 2017

The Lowell Memorial Auditorium 

50 E Merrimack St, Lowell, MA 01852

Order of Appearance: Click Here               Information on Photo & Video Packages: Click Here


❖ Parking will be in the Davidson Lot and cost for parking is $10. There will not be any parking allowed on Brown Street. If you park there and do not have      a parking pass, you will be towed!
❖ Admission is $20 per person at the door – Cash only – NO discounted or free admission – Everyone pays $20
❖ Parents will enter at the main entrance on Merrimack Street.
❖ No signs, balloons, cow bells, air horns, noisemakers etc. of any kind permitted.
❖ No flash photography. If you are videoing, please shut off your light so it does not distract the performance.
❖ Spectators and teams will be asked to clear out of the building after each session is complete
❖ Everyone must clean up all of their trash.
❖ Please be respectful and remain silent while teams are on the mats.
❖ Under no circumstances should any parents be in the “cheerleaders only” section of the venue which is the lower floor of the arena (excluding the                vendor/ticket area). Anyone caught in this area will be escorted out of the arena without return and will receive NO WARNING.


❖ Cheerleaders to enter at the top of the handicapped ramp on Merrimack Street.
❖ Teams must enter together as a full team with all participants/coaches/demos. Books will be checked, coaches need their ID.
❖ No bags other than one coach bag and props. No food, water or any other items like this brought in or in bags.
❖ Teams will be escorted to their designated area by volunteers. Do not sit outside of your area unless instructed to do so.
❖ Warm up will be in two areas. “Veterans Wing, 3rd Floor Function Hall” and behind the curtain on the stage:
     1. Station 1: 1 mat for stretching / 3 minutes
     2. Station 2: 2 mats – your discretion with music and voices (not excessively loud) NO BASKETS / 3 minutes                                                                     3. Head downstairs to the stage. (4 minutes to get there)
     4. Station 3: (final warm up area) Your discretion on use. Must be SILENT / 4 minutes

❖ DJ can play music on Discs, phones, etc. If you use your phone please remember to turn the volume up, have the phone on airplane mode, and make          sure “Auto-lock” is turned off in your settings.                                                                                                                                                           

❖ There will be 7 mats on the floor for competing and there will be NO spotters during the routines.
❖ One coach only should go to score check – you have 10 mins to come up. If you are one of the last teams in a session, you need to come up right away.     Make sure you have recorded and viewed your team before making a challenge because you will be charged any additional penalties found when score       check reviews the video – the full video.

❖ Coaches and cheerleaders should clean up all trash from their seating area before going down to the floor for awards.  Teams will be exiting from the         floor after awards.

❖ Only 2 cheerleaders should go up to get the trophy

❖ Squads placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd will advance to Regionals

❖ Cheer Coordinators may collect score sheets at the end of each session