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Local Qualifier Competition

Baystate and Dual/Tri Conferences

Bellingham High School

October 28, 2017

Order of Appearance:

Competition Etiquette


Cheerleaders from Walpole and around the Baystate and Dual Tri leagues have been working for months now to learn, practice and perfect their competition routines.  This is an exciting time for all and we look forward to seeing what everyone’s hard work and dedication to the sport has produced.


With the above in mind, it’s important to review some cheer comp etiquette to ensure that Walpole Youth Cheerleading continues to be a model program within the Baystate league and beyond!


Things you SHOULD do at comp:


Be on Time. 

Squads are unable to check-in to competition until all members of the team have arrived.  Squads with late arrivals risk forfeiting their warm-up opportunity and possibly their allotted time on the competition mat. Always ensure you park in a legal parking spot (not on the grass, the curb, etc.) even if you are short on time.


Support all squads. 

Regardless of which town is on the mat you should applaud or even cheer when they do a good job.  Each cheerleader at comp is “leaving it all out on the mat” and should be encouraged and applauded for their efforts.


Call Back. 

Squads are doing their best to get audience participation by crowd leading.  When teams are using props, signs, etc. and asking for crowd participation, YELL out the requested responses.


Show Team Spirit. 

Wear team colors and shirts.  Bring one of your daughter’s poms to route them on and show your excitement as their team takes the mat. 


Buy Something from the Concession stand or Vendors. 

In most cases, competitions are a major source of a league’s fundraising.  Concession stand sales and a portion of vendor’s sales are returned to the sponsoring program/league and go a long way.  Not to mention, what cheerleader doesn’t need a new bow or a competition shirt!


Be a Good Sport. 

Win or lose, each cheerleader competing has put hours upon hours of work into a given routine.  If your squad is lucky enough to walk away with a giant trophy, certainly celebrate but be a gracious winner.  Congratulate other squads on their performances and let them know what a great job they’ve done.


Follow Instructions Given by Coaches, Coordinators and Event Staff. 

These officials not only have the best interest of every cheerleader at heart, they also have a working knowledge of the rules at any given venue.  If you are told your cheerleader may not pack anything, it’s because only one bag – the coach’s – is allowed with the team.  If a Coordinator asks you not to sit in a certain location, I assure you that there is a good reason for it (fire hazard, etc.).  If event staff stops you from accessing certain areas of the venue, it’s because the area is designated a cheerleader/coach only area and only CORI’d officials and volunteers may move past that point.


Things you SHOULD NOT do at comp:


Do not leave your seat or enter/exit the gym when a team is performing. 

Try to avoid any unnecessary movement and distraction.  Each routine is  maximum of 2.5 minutes and ample time is given between performances to move about as needed.


Do not Talk on your Cell Phone. 

Turn your cell phone off or set your phone to vibrate.  If someone calls you, excuse yourself from the gym in-between performances to return the call. Never carry on a conversation during a performance.


Do not Make Negative Comments about other Squads. 

That uniform that you do not like may belong to a cheerleader who’s mother, father or grandparent is sitting behind you.  That hair that you feel is “crazy” or messy may belong to cheerleader who’s parent, relative or friend is sitting in front of you.  If you don’t have anything nice to say then you probably should not say it!  Remember, how hard your cheerleader and her squad mates work to prepare for comp.  Chances are that the other teams have worked just as hard to get comp ready.


Do not Obstruct the View of Others. 

Avoid standing in front of people trying to watch the comp.  If you have a sign or banner to display in support of your team, try to do so from the top of the stands or in some other way that other can still see.  Never stand up during your child’s routing to video, etc. if it’s going to block the view of those behind you.  Be curteous.


Do not Video the Competition. 

Not only it is unfair to video a routine of another team, it is against the rules.  Anyone caught videoing the routines of a competing team will be asked to stop recording, delete the recording and may be asked to leave the venue.  Teams may be penalized, have points deducted from their score or potentially be disqualified for the actions of their fans.


Do not Bring Outside Food into Comp. 

Unless otherwise noted, outside food is never allowed at comp.  Depending on the venue, bags may be checked and outside food will be thrown away.  Concession stands are made available to all.  Should your cheerleader or a member of your family have a severe allergy or dietary need that will not allow for purchases from the concession stand, you should be prepared to show bag checkers or comp officials a doctor’s note.



Walpole Youth Cheer and the Baystate League want nothing more than for all to enjoy the competition season.  Please follow the above guidelines to ensure competition is safe and enjoyable for all!