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Sponsored By:   J.D. Murphy Mgmt Co. Inc.

Baystate Invitational Framingham State University

October 15, 2017

Spectator Ticket Prices: Adults $10, children $5, children under 3 free

(Rostered cheerleaders & coaches are free)


Order of Appearance (Revised 10/9 and subject to change): 


Parking is ONLY allowed in the lower lots on Maynard Road or Maple Street. Any violation of this will result in a ticket or your car being towed. 

Spectators enter through the main door at the front of the building (#2 by the bookstore on this map: http://www.framingham.edu/Assets/uploads/about-fsu/_documents/campus-map2015.pdf ) and proceed down the stairs to the gym.    

Cheerleaders enter the gym ("#19") through the side door which can be accessed by taking the road between #1 and #18 on the map. It is strongly suggested that teams meet somewhere on campus and walk over together. No one is allowed to park near the gym!  CHEERLEADERS SHOULD ENTER WITH TEAM IN ROSTER ORDER TO EXPIDITE THE PROCESS.

Information for teams:


  • No cheerleader bags – only one coach bag is allowed;

  • All teams will need to bring their books, but you can leave them in your cars. If there is an emergency we will need a copy of your waiver that day and it will need to be retrieved from your car. 

  • All teams will need to have a “coach roster” printed. This has all children’s emergency info on it.

  • All teams will be required to have a roster when they check in. No child/adult will be admitted if they are not on the roster.

  • Absentee forms are not required for children not in attendance at this comp.

  • Teams must all bring their own athletic tape, icepacks, etc. for emergencies. However, there will a licensed/certified athletic trainer on duty for the duration of the event.